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About the Artist BertSlagt

BertSlagt, born in Amsterdam 1953 creates modern art described as New Generalism. His choice to use very different styles in painting is to emphasize the broad oeuvre he is after, rather than safely stick to only one style in favor of quick recognition. Free style impressions based on figurative skills. His art originates from pure imagination and love for beauty that moves his heart. Colorful, versatile, but foremost intense. Art that will last.
When you are interested to commission artwork by Bert Slagt feel free to contact him and he will be pleased to introduce you to his work and all options.

BertSlagt, geboren in Amsterdam 1953, maakt moderne schilderkunst in z'n atelier in Harmelen. Als scheppend kunstenaar werkt hij vanuit zijn verbeeldingskracht en liefde voor schoonheid. Zijn artistiek werk getuigt van veelzijdigheid en vakmanschap. Kleurrijk, krachtig en intens. Impressionisme vanuit het figuratieve.

Often people tell me they wonder
why I use different styles in art
every time again......

I think it is because I am searching,
but more over it is I think
I probably can't do anything else,
longing for change......

BertSlagt,  Dutch painter

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