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Often people tell me they wonder
why I use different styles in art
every time again......

I think it is because I am searching,
but more over it is I think
I probably can't do anything else,
longing for change......

BertSlagt,  Dutch painter

"Polo thrills" Polo study sketches
Equestrian sport at its best by Dutch art painter BertSlagt. At a very young age Bert Slagt already drew horses to his heart content. Today the artist is finding himself even more challenged by the dynamics of the polo sport. For painting horse and player at the peak of their performance is a challenge indeed.  To be successful as an artist on the long run can only be achieved by perseverance and dedication bringing talent to the surface. Only the toughest themes as presented by polo are a match for Bert. See for yourselves and enjoy the power of his artistic interpretations.

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